Philadelphia based iPhone Entrepreneur makes Debut

(Philadelphia, PA) July 13, 2009 - After a year of development, Eric Kille, a Business and Engineering major from Drexel University in Philadelphia makes his iPhone App debut with AcctPad ™, a mobile checkbook register that allows iPhone users to balance their checkbook and track their funds quickly, easily and accurately.

Was it worth the countless late-night hours and weekends? With over 50,000 applications already for sale on the iTunes App Store™, developing a successful iPhone app takes a bit more than just submitting a new application. “You need to have a great app, a great website, customer support, and a marketing plan,” Kille says.

Checkbook-type applications with category tracking have existed in different forms for years. What sets AcctPad apart is an intuitive, user-friendly interface and advanced features like monthly PDF statements that are downloadable to your PC or Mac over Wi-Fi. “Generating PDF statements from your phone? Who would of thought?” says Kille. It’s a feature not usually found on mobile platforms, and it allows AcctPad to perform as a standalone checkbook register.

AcctPad also features a spreadsheet like table view that shows a monthly breakdown of spending by category. The table builds itself automatically as transactions are entered. “Most category based checkbook applications are heavy on pie charts and line graphs,” Kille explains. “They look great but are not really useful. Age-old accounting is still reported in tables with rows and columns.”

The AcctPad screen layout takes the Goggle™ home page approach, clean and uncluttered. Kille says he used only the visual graphic elements provided by the iPhone’s native Software Development Kit, the building blocks used by software developers to build iPhone applications. “The only place where AcctPad deviates from the native SDK is on the numeric keypad used to enter transactions,” Kille continues. “I wanted to use the full screen so that the buttons would feel very natural under your fingers instead of hunting and pecking.”

About the Developer

Eric Kille is a graduate of Drexel University's Lebow College of Business (2005) and College of Engineering (1997). With over 10 years of engineering design experience, he is currently working in the field of Security Engineering.

Contact: Eric Kille